Milwaukee Walk-in Clinics

Paws & Co is also in Milwaukee!!

We do walk-in clinics at Pet Supply Port in Saukville. We are there one Saturday a month and it is a first come first serve vaccine/preventative care clinic. We do NOT see medical issues at these clinics, only vaccines/preventative care.

Check out our Pet Wellness Care services page to a listing of our services and pricing.

Upcoming Clinics:

Sept 7th – 10am to 12pm
Oct - none due to scheduling conflicts

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The clinic runs from 10am until noon, please be advised that if we have a long line, it will be cut off so we do finish on or shortly after noon.  We can not predict what time the line will cut off, some clinics it is shortly after opening and others there is not as big of a crowd and it is much closer to closing time.

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