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The Paws Difference


Highest Quality of Care… Affordable Pricing. This is the paws difference! We may be low cost but our standards are as high if not higher than the most expensive clinics in town!

We know how precious each life we touch is and we treat each and every one of our patients as such. We practice the highest quality of cleanliness/sterility, surgery, anesthesia, and patient care all at pricing that is affordable in today’s economy.

So What Exactly is the Paws Difference?

We know others offer the low cost spays and neuters or honor the shelter low cost certificates you can purchase, but they do not have the Paws Difference…

  • They have wait lists, or the limited times a years the surgeries will be done, or watching their website every day to see if you a surgery day opens up.
    • We have weekday appointments so setting an appointment with us that fits your schedule is easy!
  • They don’t include the IV fluids to keep your pet more stable under anesthesia, the pain meds to go home on for few painful days post-op, or the e-collar to prevent the girls from chewing at their incisions.
    • We not only include the intra-operative pain meds, but also include the pain meds for at home in our packages. We include the IV fluids during anesthesia to help keep your pet more stable, and all spays automatically get an e-collar as part of the surgery package to protect that incision!
    • Once you start comparing apples to apples, suddenly their low cost spay or neuter is anything but. Not to mention to possible exposure of your pet to infectious diseases such as ringworm, kennel cough, parvovirus, and feline upper respiratory viruses that shelters and clinics that house shelter pets can harbor.
  • You go to Walmart or Walgreens for your vaccines such as the Flu shot, Measles, etc and just pay for the vaccine, but for you pet, you have the office call fee, tech fees, etc, etc.
    • At Paws we feel it should be the same as it is for you. You don’t pay and office call fee when getting your vaccines done and so we don’t charge one either. Better yet, your pet still gets a wellness exam done by a veterinarian before the vaccines are given.

This is the Paws Difference.

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